Three Letter Words...

This year has been a slow start in the ways of creating art. Mostly because, as some of you may know, my family and I recently purchased a home which I've been renovating. That, as well as doing a lot of thinking about my life with art in general: where it came from and where does it go from here? In these past few weeks I've reflected on my earlier work. There are a lot of elements in those older images that I got away from and didn't realize how much I missed. Typography has been something I've enjoyed from a young age. That and geometry; not the math end, but the arranging of shapes and parts that come together to make a whole. I used to do quite a bit of that, from filling a piece with letters to making a painting that almost worked as a puzzle. Somewhere along the way those things slowly vanished. For the most part it was because I started to tell a different story, one that was somewhat darker and didn't seem to need those elements. I've always done my best to grow as an artist and let the art go where it wants. Right now it is calling to revert to a time in the past, to a moment that wasn't so dark and to move forward with that lighter tone in mind. So if you notice the shift in mood, you know where it comes from.

With that said, I have some new paintings with this all in mind. It's a little series I'm calling Three Letter Words. The idea is fairly simple, to envision a complex image for a small word. In this group I focused on five words (dud, ask, fox, car and key) to create five 8" x 8" paintings. Though these images are still a bit different from those in the past they do bring a flashback of positive notes. I am looking forward to creating larger and more complex pieces with these same feelings in mind in the coming weeks. In the meantime I will have these five new paintings available in my shop this Thursday, April 7th at 3pm (US Central Time). Along with the original paintings I will have prints available, each an 8" x 8" with an inch border, signed and numbered in an edition of 50. Each print will be $25 or $100 for the set of five, plus shipping costs.

New art and Print on Wood

I have created a few new small paintings that will go up for sale tomorrow (February 5th) at 1pm Central on my website shop.

Tomorrow, at the same time, Prints on Wood will also be releasing my print Orb Evolution. The prints are 4" x 12"  on 1/2" sustainable birch with a limited edition of 20 hand signed and numbered prints, each $55. A custom white frame can be added for $18. The sale on these also begins tomorrow at 1pm Central at Prints on Wood's website.

A few new art pieces.

In the past two weeks I've been spending most of my time as a handy man, dealing mostly with plumbing. My family and I have been settling into a different home here in San Antonio. We lived in our last home for close to twenty years and decided we wanted to live with more outdoor space, surrounded by more nature. It's been really time consuming, but I'm happy with the new surroundings and feel good to begin painting in this new space. I'll share photos as I get things cleaned up.

I will be starting the next round of Refussufix tonight, but I wanted to let you know of a few new paintings available now.

I was invited to take part in Lyric III, an exhibition curated by Glenn Barr at Interstate Gallery in Detroit. All the art is musically themed and I chose the song "Disorder" by Joy Division to work from. That is one of the many songs that reminds me of my youth and all the things I went through in those times. You can see all the art created for this show at their website. You can find my piece here.

  No Man's Land, 12x12

No Man's Land, 12x12

I was able to complete two 8x10 paintings during the move. You can find them in my shop. There are plenty of prints and print sets from previously released art available there as well.

  Bottom Feeder, 10x8  –  in my  shop

Bottom Feeder, 10x8  –  in my shop

  Coffin Mouth, 8x10    –  in my  shop

Coffin Mouth, 8x10  –  in my shop

Some upcoming events:
Sept 18
 Sally Centigrade Art Gallery, Denver CO
October 8-11 New York Comic Con, Javits Center, NYC
October 10 The Beautiful Grotesque, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo CO
November 21-22 Designer Con, Pasadena Convention Center