Jason Limon is a painter and sculptor that was born in San Antonio, Texas. In early 2007 he moved from a long career in graphic design to begin work as a visual artist exhibiting in galleries across the United States and parts of Europe. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, Albuquerque, and Chicago and has participated in a large variety of group exhibitions. His art has been presented in an array of publications and has received awards and accolades from Communication Arts, American Illustration and The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. In 2016, a toy based on one of his paintings won Toy of the Year award from the Designer Toy Awards in New York. He continues to reside in San Antonio, Texas with his wife and two daughters.

Over time I have explored a range of subjects, from ideas based on nature to otherworldly beings. As I progress through my work there is one field where I started and tend to gravitate toward the most: history. History is all around. Within the elements that surround us every day are bits of someone else - a record of thoughts made up of color, typography and symbols marked onto paper and metal to represent products throughout time. As an artist I've grown to value these pieces of history; to survey and connect them to craft my own thoughts and feelings.


EMAIL: jasonlimonart@gmail.com

2019 Sign of Life at Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2013 The Bone Banquet, Rotofugi, Chicago, IL
2013 Foretell, Stranger Factory, Albuquerque, NM
2010 Blood Nectar, BoldHype, NY


Dec 2019 Don’t Wake Daddy XIII at Feinkunst Kruger, Hamburg
March 6 2020 Ghosts Aflame @ Wow x Wow
July 11 2020 Suggestivism at Spoke Art, San Francisco
Oct 30 2020 at Outré Gallery, Melbourne, AUS

Vanguard Invitational, Outré Gallery, Melbourne, AUS
Pareidolia at Antler Gallery, Portland, OR
LA Art Show Littletopia / Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Memento Mori curated by Anthony Freda at Star Gallery NYC
Suggestivism curated by Nathan Spoor at Nucleus Portland

Don’t Wake Daddy XIII at Feinkunst Kruger, Hamburg Germany
BLAB! 13 Show at Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Trekell's Fruition at Artists Republic, Anaheim, CA
Minute Art Show at Confection Gallery / DesignerCon
Dark Celebration at Revolution Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Unicorn Show II at Nucleus Portland, Portland, OR
Gift Wrapped at Clutter Gallery, Beacon, NY
Horror Business VI at Left Hand Black, San Diego, CA
BLAB! 12 Show at Copro Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Anniversary Show at 212 Arts, NYC
Fun Size at Sally Centrigrade, Lakewood, CO
Blank Show II at Clutter, Beacon, NY

All J Long - SubUrban Vinyl, Waldwick NJ
Creature Feature, Left Hand Black Gallery, San Diego CA
Citizen Bigfoot - Radar Station, Wenatchee WA
Little Green Men - SubUrban Vinyl, Waldwick NJ
The Beautiful Grotesque - Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, Pueblo
Lyric III, Inner State Gallery, Detroit MI
Carbon Sally Centigrade Art Gallery, Denver CO

DesignerCon, Pasadena, CA
Foundation, Marcas, Santa Ana, CA

Art Dorks Rise, space:eight, St. Augustine, FL

Suggestivism, Bold Hype Gallery, NYC
Botanica, Genome Gallery, Charlotte, NC
Morphous, Rivet, Columbus, OH
Signs of the Apocalypse, My Plastic Heart, NYC
Bewitching II, Stranger Factory, Albuquerque, NM

Double Helix, G GALLERY, Houston, TX
FIND Art Across America, FIND Art Magazine
Jolly-B Thirteen, Illiterate Gallery, Denver, CO
New Dimensions, Bold Hype Gallery, NYC
Safewalls, Cirque du Soleil, War’Hous, Houston, TX
INLE, Gallery 1988, Los Angeles, CA

Things to Come, Bold Hype Gallery, NYC
Lead Poisoning, Last Rites Gallery, NYC
A Contrast in Brotherhood Casa Rosa, SA, TX
Sketchbot Show, myplasticheartnyc, NYC
We Heart Wood, Munky King, Los Angeles, CA
Lunch Box Show, The Alcove, Altanta, GA
Seven Year Itch, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin
A Cry for Help, Thinkspace, Los Angeles, CA

Don’t Wake Daddy IV, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg
Into the Mystic, Gallery 1988, San Francisco, CA
Magistrates, Strychnin Gallery, Berlin, Germany.
Quinquennium Exhibitum, Nucleus, Alhambra, CA
Future Vision, 4th Wall Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Under the Cover of Darkness, Subtext, San Diego
Crazy 4 Cult 3D, Gallery 1988: LA, Los Angeles, CA
The Kokeshi Show, JANM, Los Angeles, CA
Say When, Bold Hype Gallery, Orlando, FL
Illustration West 47, Gallery Nucleus, Alhambra, CA
Transcenders, Gallery 1988: LA, Los Angeles, CA
10×10, Suite 100 Gallery, Seattle, WA

Infinity Squared, Distinction, Escondido, CA
GenArt Vanguard Fair, Charcoal Studios, Miami, FL
Small Stuff 2, Bear and Bird Gallery, Lauderhill, FL
The Grind 2, The Rabbit Hole Gallery, Atlanta, GA
Modern Amusement, Gallery 1988, San Francisco
Crazy 4 Cult 2, Gallery 1988: LA, Los Angeles, CA
Groundwork II, Foundation One, Decatur, GA
Pop Surrealism, The Old Fire Station Gallery, UK
Under The Influence Stan Lee, Gallery 1988, L.A.

Don’t Wake Daddy II, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg
Source Material, GARDENfresh Gallery, Chicago
Illustration West, Billy Shire Fine Arts, Culver City