Refusuffix 01-05

I have started up a new series of small paintings titled Refusuffix (Refuse [trash] + Suffix [add to end]). I did a lot of thinking on last years Cryptidbits and wanted to do something in the same manner. The whole idea on this one is that the body pieces can interact and be changed around and stacked with other sets. I imagined animals and other creatures left in a world with our garbage. I see them as tough scavengers that are always on guard searching for their next meal or looking for new ways to adapt to living in this land of waste. Like last years Cryptidbits, I will release 5x7 print sets containing the five prints, starting with 1 through 5. I foresee releasing five every six weeks or so with a total of 40, but I'll keep you up to date on when I'll be putting them online. The prints will be post card style as before, enclosed in an archival sleeve sealed with a signed and numbered label, each set being $12 plus shipping. The original paintings will also be available at $300 each. You can find them up in my shop tomorrow (Friday, July 3rd) at 1pm central time.