Tomorrow, July 8th at 1pm Central I will release a group of new small paintings in my shop. With this collection I continue to explore my past. Before these new pieces I had been creating darker, more gloomy pieces, which is a reflection on how I was allowing myself to feel. I've made it a point to go into these new works with a more positive feel even though some of the ideas stir up times I don't care to think of. As I see it now, it is necessary to sift through memories and allow the good ones to take their place and let the bad ones go. Art has always been my therapy and I've allowed it to be my voice through the years. I'm grateful that I am capable of creating these images and that I have had your support to carry me along. With every new thing I've ever generated, wether it has been dark or light, has given me the cause to keep moving forward. Thank you for continuing to be an encouragement in my life.

Along with these new originals I will be releasing a new screen printed poster titled Royal Paper, which is based on a small painting I had recently completed. In the past, when I was working as a designer, I had worked on many screen printed materials. Up until recently it hadn't really crossed my mind to make screen prints of my work. I'm working to create more to release every six to eight weeks or so, but for now here are the details on this one:
• 16" x 20" (41cm x 51cm)
• Four Spot-Color Screen Print
• Mohawk Via Vellum, 100 Cover, Warm White
• Edition of 75, Signed and Numbered